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Merlin Leisure choose KBI for new LEGOLAND: MYTHICA zone

Opened in Summer 2021, MYTHICA at LEGOLAND Windsor is a brand-new themed area that incorporates three new rides.

Having previously worked on the park’s Haunted House project in 2020, KBI was contacted by B&E Services to explore design options for the new MYTHICA area. Starting with a basic brief, the KBI team was subsequently introduced to the LEGOLAND architects, who explained their vision of a colour coordinated porous surface that integrated some specific matching elements.

A unique blend of KBI’s Flexistone system was developed that incorporated blue pigmented quartz stone into the usual blend, creating a visually dynamic surface that fulfilled to drainage and access requirements for the area.

KBI also created a brand-new product for the project; Flexiglass. Using highly polished coloured glass, KBI was able to created coloured ‘veins’ that matched the surrounding architecture of the MYTHICA zone.

The unique Flexistone colour created for the project is now referred to as the ‘LEGO blend’ by KBI and the park’s owners Merlin Leisure.

The use of the blue pigmented quartz helped to create a subtle reference to the overall colour scheme deployed across the MYTHICA kingdom. Over 30 samples were created before the final colour was selected.

KBI’s Flexistone system was selected in order to provide a durable, highly porous surface that would tolerate the high pedestrian footfall, but also allow vehicular access to the area outside of opening hours.

Speaking about the project, KBI's Regional sales Manager Peter Beavon said:

"The challenge to create a brand new product specifically for this project was one we relished. This is one of the world's leading theme parks, and all parties were fully committed to delivering a project that not only met expectations but exceeded them."



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