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Market Leading Products for Sustainable Developments


At KBI UK we have strived to evolve into a trusted and knowledgeable business in the niche field of sustainable porous surfacing.

Our flagship product Flexipave is the market leader in flexible porous surfacing, and our wider product range has been designed and developed to compliment the core ethos of our business. You can explore our full product range via the links below.

Flexipave by KBI logo.png

The original & best. Our class-leading flexible porous paving system using recycled vehicle tyres.

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KBI Flexistone Logo.PNG

Our class-leading porous surfacing for when vehicle access is required.

KBI Flexifix.jpg
Flexifix Logo.png

Our unique, easy to install and long-lasting solution for pot-holes. 

KBI Flexiglo.jpg
Flexiglo Logo.png

Our Flexiglo discs provide low-level lighting to mark the edges of pathways without the need for electricity.

KBI Flexidrive.jpg
Flexidrive by KBI Logo.png

Domestic customers can make use of our innovative products to transform their homes.

KBI Flexiglass.jpg
Flexiglass by KBI White Background.png

Our unique binder technology can now be applied to decorative polished glass to create stunning designs.

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