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The original and best. Flexipave is a 50/50 mix of recycled rubber derived from vehicle tyres, and natural stone aggregate. The dry elements are bound using KBI's unique and exclusive binding agent.


The use of recycled vehicle tyres within the material makes Flexipave extremely eco-friendly. With carbon reduction targets a huge factor in project developments, Flexipave is well-positioned to assist with hitting those milestones.

KBI Flexipave can be installed straight on to a variety of new sub-bases, including compacted stone and cell-web systems for no-dig sites. It can also be used as an overlay product on to existing hard surfaces.


  • Footpaths

  • Equestrian Access

  • Tree Surrounds

  • Nature Trails

  • Cycle Routes

  • Golf Course paths

Our documentation is being continually revised and updated. If you require detailed technical information relating to Flexipave, we will be happy to send you the relevant files via email.

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