Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions. 

It really is that simple.

Our Flexipave surfacing system allows water and air to penetrate directly through it in high volumes.

Flexipave remains a product and brand that is exclusive to KBI UK.


KB Industries developed the unique binding agent that holds the system together, and created the Flexipave name. As the popularity of Flexipave has increased, so has the desire from other surfacing suppliers to mimic the system. However, Flexipave remains the original and best. 


As a business, we made a conscious decision to only focus our efforts on Flexipave and its close relation Flexistone. Unlike many other surfacing contractors, we refuse to expand our range of products to include loads of different systems. Instead, we have strived to evolve into a trusted and knowledgeable business in the niche field of porous surfacing. As such, KBI now spends a significant number of man hours delivering CPD sessions on our unique systems, helping to improve the understanding about how the material works, and the benefits that porous surfacing can have in both urban a greenfield locations.

Image: Burnaby Hall Gardens, Flexipave

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