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KBI provide accessible Flexipave surface for new horse ramp at Redcar Racecourse

KBI UK are delighted with our recent collaboration with GMC Resin, resulting in the installation of a cutting-edge horse ramp at Redcar Racecourse Ltd.

This state-of-the-art Flexipave horse ramp offers a comfortable and durable surface, efficiently separating the racecourse from the horse boxes.

Redcar Racecourse, located in Redcar, North Yorkshire, is a premier venue for thoroughbred horse racing. Here, we installed our high-quality Flexipave surface.

Our strategic partners GMC Resin are now approved installers of Flexipave.

KBI provided comprehensive training to the GMC Resin team, certifying them as approved installers of Flexipave, while also installing 160m2 of Flexipave in Silken black.

The newly installed Flexipave surface enhances both accessibility and comfort for the horses at the racecourse.

The Flexipave surface provides a comfortable surface for horses.

Recommended by the British Horse Society for its numerous benefits, Flexipave is a top choice for equestrian surfaces.

This project marks a significant achievement, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have, while continuing to provide safe and comfortable surfaces for horses.

For more information on how Flexipave can be used call us on 01422 242880.



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