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Revitalising the Water of Leith: A Sustainable Pathway Transformation - Case Study

Case Study: Last year KBI installed approximately 18,000 square meters of Flexipave into the Water of Leith walkway in Edinburgh, transforming 7km of pathway.

Flexipave has been used in a major project to encourage cycling in Scotland.

In 2023, KBI installed approximately 18,000m2 of Flexipave at The Water of Leith Conservation Trust as part of an active travel improvement programme funded by Sustrans Scotland.

48,060 recycled tyres were used within the construction of the Flexipave surface in a highly sustainable and eco-friendly project.

Had the tyres in this project been burned, they would have released around 1,057,320 kg of CO2.

The Water of Leith is part of a project funded by Sustrans.

This Is now one of the largest porous walkways in the UK and runs for 7km.

KBI have been promoting Flexipave in Scotland for the past 4 years with projects in prestigious attractions including Murrayfield Golf Club and Edinburgh Zoo.

We are delighted to say we are very happy with the feedback that we have had from Edinburgh City Council, walkers and cyclists since the project was completed.

Flexipave is prominent in Scotland with some exciting projects coming soon.

KBI are pleased to being doing more work in Scotland, with more details coming on some exciting projects in the coming months.

Here’s a more detailed look of the project.

Water of Leith Case Study-8
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