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Case Study- Hadrian's Wall Housesteads. KBI install Flexipave on famous landmark.

In March 2023, we installed Flexipave at Unesco World Heritage Site Hadrian's Wall, providing more accessible footpaths in the famous site.

Flexipave installed at Hadrian's wall.

Working for English Heritage, KBI installed 207m2 of Flexipave that was completed in two phases. The first phase was completed in November 2022, with the second phase going ahead in March 2023.​

Close up of the accessible Flexipave perfect for tourists.

Housesteads Roman Fort is the remains of an auxillary fort on Hadrian's wall. The fort was built in stone around AD 124 and is known as the best-preserved Roman fort in Britain.

The previous path on the site was made from compacted whin Dust, which was not very accessible for wheelchairs and the infirm.

The main issue was that because the site is one of the most archaeologically sensitive sites in Europe, no excavation was allowed. That meant that Flexipave was the perfect answer, as it can be installed directly upon the existing surface.

The famous monument with Flexipave in the background.

The Flexipave surface makes the tourist site more accessible for walkers and visitors and fits in very well with the grass around it.

Flexipave just outside the Housesteads museum.

Here’s a more detailed look of the project .

Hadrians wall Housesteads Case Study
Download PDF • 11.10MB



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