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KBI Install Flexipave on steep incline in Whaley Bridge

KBI are pleased to see the outcome of our recent project installing Flexipave on the Shallcross Incline in Whaley Bridge.

The transformation of the Shallcross Incline.

The work involved installing 1500m2 of our porous surface on a steep incline, which has been installed on a gradient of 1:10.

The start of the Shallcross Incline.

This was completed for the Derbyshire County Council, where we have received great feedback from the final product, with the surface completely transforming the walkway.

The 600m former railway incline which was first completed in early 2012 as a partnership between Whaley Bridge Town Council and Derbyshire County Council, climbs from Horwich End to Shallcross and its existing surface was unappealing and unaccesible to locals.

Flexipave in Stone Age Bronze

The surfaces were installed on the incline, due to various complaints and concerns from local residents, as the Shallcross incline greenway created limited access to disabled and wheelchair users.

KBI Sales Manager for the North Steve Ashall said: "The beauty of Flexipave is the fact that it makes footpaths a lot more accessible for locals and visitors. The transformation that it has made to what was there before shows how unique and special Flexipave is as a surface.

KBI Sales Manager Steve Ashall and KBI Installation manager Adam Harrison signing off the job.

"This project was unique in the fact that we installed it on such a steep incline and have got great results with the finished product."

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