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Rave Reviews for Locke Park Refurbishment: Flexipave Delivers Cleaner, Greener Play Area

KBI UK has received glowing feedback from Barnsley Council's park services for its recent refurbishment project at Locke Park.

Flexipave was selected to create a cleaner, more sustainable surface to the previous grassed area within the play area at Locke Park.

The original area was wearing away quickly and under wet conditions was unsuitable to members of the public wishing to use the picnic benches.

Before the Flexipave was installed, the surface looking tired and worn

Paul Marsh, an officer for Barnsley Council's Park Services, expressed his delight at the outcome of the project saying:

"Members of the public have contacted us and been appreciative and positve about the new Flexipave system creating a cleaner, disability friendly surface to all our park users and the area is now well used as a result."

The comprehensive project in March included SuDs compliant groundworks and the installation of Flexipave, marking a milestone in Locke Park's journey towards enhanced accessibility and sustainability.

Our install team carefully trowelling Flexipave.

This is one of the many projects KBI UK has completed for Barnsley Council's park services, with the aim on creating a greener environment for Barnsley.

Paul Marsh added:

"What also attracted Parks Services to the Flexipave system is the Councils policy on our Carbon footprint and the Carbon offset gained by using Flexipave and the benefits that this brings to our communities."

You can read the full case study here for full information on the project.



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