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Oxford Canal Towpath

This project was sponsored by the Canal and River Trust and was delivered under the guidance of their major projects partner Kier Construction Limited.

The criteria for the scheme was very strict from Oxford City Council and we had to supply and demonstrate we had testing on the following :-

Totally Porous Surface

Leachate Testing

Slip Resistance

Density and Void Capacity

Supply references of projects carried out over 10 years old.

KBI met all the above criteria and Flexipave was specified as the main surface dressing to the badly worn but well used towpath. The final project size was 3300m2 and Flexipave HD1500 ( 35mm thick ) in Stone Age Bronze colour was installed over a crushed stone sub-base.

The project has been very well received by both users and residents living on the canal and both have offered glowing references for the finished surface and equally as important, the construction and installation process by all who worked on the scheme.

KBI are currently working on several other projects in and around this area.

Total Area Size : 3000m2, HD1500 Flexipave Stone Age Bronze

Completed 2020



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