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Ongoing Flexipave work in Oxfordshire receives praise

KBI is proud of its ongoing work with Skanska to deliver major surfacing upgrades to the Science Vale Cycle Network (SVCN) in Oxfordshire. The project has seen several sections of the network resurfaced using KBI’s unique Flexipave system.

The SVCN project aims to create better connectivity for cyclists travelling from Didcot, Abingdon, Wantage to Milton Park, Culham Science Centre and Harwell Campus. The primary focus of the project is to improve routes for cyclists and pedestrians and to make cycling a more attractive choice.

The new surfaces have received praise from local users, who have seen many miles of public footpaths in and around Oxford upgraded to Flexipave over the last 18 months. KBI also assisted with the installation of glow discs to the SVCN, which were bound into the finished surface. These discs were specified and sourced by the client in order to create clear nighttime navigation of the pathways without the need for costly artificial electric lighting.

The current work continues KBI’s presence in the county, which has also included work with the Canal & River Trust to resurface parts of the Oxford Canal towpath.

In late 2019, KBI also completed work on the Peppard Lane bridleway, which saw Flexipave installed following objections from local residents to the proposed use of tarmac.

County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak said, “We have had over 20 representations and the consensus was NO to tarmac and yes to the Flexipave solution. It will follow the contours of the path and is porous so that the rain can seep through. It is put onto the surface so that the roots of trees are not affected. I think that this is a good solution, and it provides a surface for horses, cyclists and walkers.”

The ISIS Cyclists website also commented on the new Flexipave pathways alongside the Oxford Canal, noting in its 2020 blog “The section completed this spring is wonderful and has really enhanced the canal towpath cycling experience.”



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