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Nailsworth Trail

In a joint project between Stroud Borough Council, Gloucestershire County Council and The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, KBI UK has completed the resurfacing of the historic Nailsworth Trail.

KBI UK utilised 18,900 recycled vehicle tyres to create 8,400m2 of its dynamic Flexipave surfacing, transforming several miles of the trail into a route that will be accessible all year round. The company’s HD1500 material was created in its Stone Age Bronze finish.

European and Wildlife Trust funding was combined with match funding from the local government to finance the project, which took two months to complete.

The Nailsworth Trail follows the route of disused railway lines. Prior to the project, the surface was heavily compacted stone to an average depth of 250mm. The flexible properties of KBI’s Flexipave material meant that this old surface was used as the sub-base, negating the need for new sub-base works to take place. This presented the client with a considerable cost-saving compared to other surfacing systems. Using simple blowers and brushes to clear the existing surface of loose material, KBI’s installation team installed the new surface in a highly-efficient manner.

The Nailsworth Trail is used extensively by pedestrians and cyclists, as well as being a popular bridleway. In addition to its forgiving feel underfoot, KBI Flexipave is completely porous, which will keep the pathway accessible all year round. Users have already expressed their delight at the new surface and commented on how easy it is to walk and cycle on.

Footage of the installation process - along with interviews with representatives of Stroud Council and the Wildlife Trust – can be viewed via the KBI UK Ltd YouTube channel.

Completed 2020



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