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KBI install Flexipave and Flexistone in major revamp at Chessington World of Adventures.

KBI is now Chessington's leading supplier for surfaces.

Flexistone installed in the main walkway at Chessington.

KBI is pleased to share the work it has done at Chessington World of Adventures theme park on behalf of Merlin Entertainment.

The work involved supplying our strategic partner PMP Europe with the specialist surfaces for the brand new attraction Jumanji Land. The project specification dictated an extremely high quality, hard-wearing surface that included intricate levels of branding for the distinctive new zone.

The Jumanji Land text decoratively designed.

Flexistone and Flexipave have now been installed in several parts of the park during several phases of work, contributing to a major transformation to the to much of the surfacing within the attraction.

The main walkway of the area has Flexistone fitted with the 'Jumanji Land' text decoratively designed within the surface.

Flexipave installed outside the Sealife Centre at Chessington.

The new Fleximulch seating area at Chessington.

Our newest job has been to install Fleximulch into a brand new seating area, specially designed for the staff at Chessington.

The project featured 3,000sqm of Flexistone and 500sqm of Flexipave in the new attraction, which features a brand new rollercoaster.

The work started in December 2022 and lasted for 5 months, with the new land opening in May 2023.

Jumanji land is a multimillion-pound piece of land which features three new attractions.

Hundreds of people walking on the Flexistone at Chessington.

KBI’s Flexistone system was chosen to create a visually dynamic surface that fulfilled all drainage requirements for the area. In addition, Flexipave has been fitted in the queue for the ride 'Mandrill Mayhem' and surrounding areas.

Flexipave installed into the queue of the Mandrill Mayhem rollercoaster.

Sales manager at KBI Pete Beavon said: “We are delighted with the finished product at Chessington.To install so much of our product and to get it to a high quality, this is a real landmark project for us. Thousands of tourists are going to visit this attraction every day and it provides a sustainable surface for the people at the park in Chessington and is an attraction that is going to be known world-wide."

e are extremely proud to be Chessington’s main supplier for surfacing. ”



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