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KBI Continues to make progress on Swinton Greenway

KBI UK's ongoing work for Casey's on behalf of Salford City Council has highlighted some of the challenges faced by contractors working in urban environments.

Despite making fantastic progress on the resurfacing of the Swinton Greenway, KBI's installation team have had to deal with several instances of overnight vandalism of newly laid sections of Flexipave. They have also seen a number of sections damaged due to members of the public not adhering to the closure notices and signage that the council and its main contractor have worked hard to put in place.

However, any frustrations have been offset by the positivity and willingness from all parties to make sure this vital infrastructure project is delivered for the longer term benefit of the area.

The current phase is due to end this week (18th June), taking our installation team back into greener, less urbanised areas. With over 1km of pathway now completed, the project remains on track to be the largest single installation of flexible porous paving in the north of England, making Flexipave the class-leading choice for infrastructure projects.

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