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Case study- Swinton Greenway- One of KBI’S most sustainable projects.

Last year, KBI installed 17,447 square meters of Flexipave into the Swinton Greenway trail in Salford.

A cyclist on the Swinton Greenway, which opened last year.

This project was one proposed by the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham to encourage a more sustainable Greater Manchester and KBI managed to meet the satisfaction of the Mayor and Salford City Council.

Over 46,500 recycled tyres were used within the construction of the Flexipave surface making it highly sustainable and eco- friendly.

Had the tyres in this project been burned, they would have released around 1,027,950 kg of CO2.

The Flexipave under construction.

This was one of our biggest projects to date and most sustainable with the number of recycled tyres that were used.

This Is one of the largest porous walkways in the UK and runs for 7km.

We are delighted to say we are very happy with the feedback that we have had from Salford City Council, walkers and cyclists.

Nearly 17,500 square meters of Flexipave was installed.

Swinton Greenway connects neighbourhoods in Swinton and Monton.

Our Regional Sales Manager for the North Steve Ashall said: “The Swinton Greenway trail is one of the best projects that KBI has done. 7km of Flexipave installed will provide a safe pathway for visitors and pedestrians in the area.”

Here’s a more detailed look of the project.

Swinton Greenway 2022
Download PDF • 8.55MB



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