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KBI Green Partnership Scheme:

Recognising Achievement in Sustainable Surfacing

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About the Scheme

The KBI Green Partnership Scheme recognises organisations for their use of Flexipave as a recycled sustainable product. Members of the scheme have committed to the ongoing use of Flexipave as part of their own efforts to reduce carbon emissions.


Since it was first introduced, Flexipave has been at the forefront of green infrastructure thanks to the the materials it uses and the benefits it delivers. With the vast majority of used vehicle tyres going to either landfill or incineration, the use of recycled tyres within Flexipave contributes significantly to the waste reduction issue

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How to Join

Joining the scheme is easy. If your organisation has used – or intends to use – Flexipave on an ongoing basis as part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions, you simply need to contact us today. Membership certification will be issued once our team has had the opportunity to meet with you to answers any questions and discuss CO2 reduction targets.

You can also down load our Green Partnership Scheme brochure by clicking the image of the document..

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