Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions




The grinding down of used car tyres results in 3-6mm rubber granules that form the basis of the product KBI Flexi-Pave.  The rubber granules are mixed with multi-faceted 3-6mm stone granules and a unique polyurethane bonding agent.  Once mixed, the product is moisture cured and ready within 24 hours. Unlike epoxy resin bound systems, the polyurethane used within our materials gives the finished materials a flexibility that helps prevent cracking and tearing.

KBI Flexi™-Pave is:

  • Flexible
  • Highly porous allowing natural drainage
  • Non-cracking even in freeze/thaw conditions
  • Slip resistant due to the rubber content
  • Impact absorbent and able to withstand up to 80 ton vehicles
  • Suitable for vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and live-stock
  • Eco-friendly due to the use of recycled car tyres
  • Compatible with sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Available in a variety of colour options

The key features of KBI Flexi-Pave make it unlike any other paving system or general material. The nature of the product will greatly enhance a multitude of surfacing challenges in commercial, local authority, residential and industrial builds and renovations.

The high-porosity of KBI Flexi-Pave means that developers can meet the need for storm water retention, providing greater value in the building design and size.  It is also resistant to brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, salt water, oil, chlorine, ozone, bromine, muriatic acid and many other hostile materials.

By utilising rubber as one of the main components, the finished material is slip resistant, making it ideal for inclined paving.  The impact absorbing qualities make KBI Flexi-Pave an ideal choice for jogging trails, nature walks and training facilities.

The key features of the product also make it extremely low-maintenance, creating long-term cost benefits against the capital investment in the product and reducing a developer’s ongoing maintenance cost.  The flexible nature of the finished material means that it is highly resistant to sub-surface movement that could cause separation and trip hazards in other materials.

KBI Flexi™-Pave is available in five different applications:

Applied Depth


Pedestrian application, overlaid on to tarmac or concrete base.
Pedestrian application, laid on to existing surface such as compacted gravel or similar.
– Can also be installed on to a new clean stone sub-base.
– Suitable for Bridleways that are on a level grade.
Pedestrian application, laid on to newly formed stone sub-base.
– Individual tree pits.
– High-footfall pedestrian applications.
– Bridleways on severe inclines.
– Occasional vehicle overun.
HD1000 F95
Pedestrian and vehicular application, overlaid on to tarmac or concrete base.
HD2000 F95
Pedestrian and vehicular application, overlaid on to tarmac or concrete base.

KBI Flexi™-Pave HD2000 can also be laid on to compacted earth if the existing ground conditions are suitable.

Due to both the rubber granules and ground stone being angular in form, the finished product has a void capacity of 17 to 23%. Coupled with the fact that the surface is constantly moving due to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and changes in temperature, bacteria grows within the voids. This bacteria breaks down the silts passing through the product and dissipates up to 88% of phosphates and 83% of nitrates within the water.

The porosity rate of KBI Flexi™-Pave is in excess of 80,000 litres of water per square metre per hour.

The mix ratio of rubber to stone is 50/50. The stone and rubber is delivered to site in 25kg bags. The materials are mixed on site using our unique XFP75 Polyurethane binder. KBI Flexi™-Pave cannot be installed in sub-zero temperatures and due to the fact that it is moisture cured, the product cannot be installed in the rain.

By altering the colour of the stone, KBI Flexi™-Pave can be laid in a variety of finishes. Our current stone options are Gold, Pink, Grey, Black and Red.

KBI Flexi™-Stone

Colour Options