Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions






KBI Flexistone is a decorative porous paving system.

The material shares many of the same features as our KBI Flexipave product, but utilises purely stone instead of a rubber & stone mix. The stone is bound using a modified polyurethane agent, resulting is a totally porous surfacing material that will not crack, tear, split or freeze.

KBI Flexistone is available in two different applications:

Applied Depth


Overlaid on to tarmac or concrete base.
Laid on to newly formed stone sub-base.

Both trademarked formats require a nominal 2-6mm aggregate and are bound together using KBI’s proprietary binding agent XFP78. The products are solely sourced and installed by KBI UK Ltd.

By altering the colour of the stone, KBI Flexistone can be laid in a variety of finishes. Our current stone options are Gold, Pink, Grey, Black and Red.

The finished material is:

  • Flexible
  • Highly porous allowing natural drainage
  • Non-cracking even in freeze/thaw conditions
  • Impact absorbent and able to withstand up to 80 ton vehicles
  • Suitable for vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and live-stock
  • Compatible with sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Available in a variety of colour options

KBI Flexipave

Colour Options