Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions

KBI Flexiglo

KBI is proud to launch Flexiglo, a range of products designed to work perfectly with our  Flexipave & Flexistone surfacing systems.

Flexiglo products are based on a photo-luminescence pigment encapsulated within a polymer/glass bead hybrid. The glass bead hybrid maximises light absorption, transmitting uv or artificial light onto the photoluminescence pigment.

In simple terms, the product absorbs light during the day and then glows in the dark.

Flexiglo is the perfect way to safely light access paths, nature trails, car parks or pedestrian zones without the need for traditional artificial lighting. The product is the ideal solution for reducing light-pollution generated by overhead lighting, and is perfect for creating subtle effects to enhance the look and safety of any given location.

The Fleixglo products are best installed prior to Flexipave or Flexistone being laid around them.  However, we can also retrospectively fit the Flexiglo products to exisiting areas of our surfacing, or indeed other types of  existing surfacing.

The product comes in one colour; green The amount of incident radiation – be it natural or artificial light – requires just 10 minutes to achieve maximum charge. The after-glow emitted for maximum effect requires a dark environment. The after-glow in such conditions will last 12 hours.

Flexiglo has a 25-year glow guarantee.

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