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KBI UK Delivers New Tree Surrounds at London’s Historic St Paul’s Cathedral

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One of the new tree pits directly opposite the Cathedral's famous west entrance steps.

One of the new tree pits directly opposite the Cathedral’s famous west entrance steps.

November 2015

KBI UK has installed its KBI Flexi™-Pave material within tree pits that surround London’s historic St Paul’s Cathedral.

As a result, the 40 tree pits are not only eco-friendly thanks to the use of recycled vehicle tyres within the material, but they are also completely porous. The material will therefore eliminate standing water and also improve the health of the trees by providing direct access to water and air.

The elimination of standing water was a key factor in the selection of KBI Flexi™-Pave, with the cathedral drawing nearly 2,000,000 direct visitors on an annual basis and experiencing several times that number in terms of pedestrians using the surrounding routes.

The installation is part of a new Green Partnership agreement between KBI UK and the City of London council. The agreement will see KBI Flexi™-Pave used by the City of London as a preferred surface for its tree surrounds and pedestrian areas.

For further information regarding KBI UK’s Green Partnership initiative, visit the dedicated page of the website by clicking here.