Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions


Sometimes the only way to truly appreciate exactly what KBI Flexi-Pave is and how it works is to show it to you. We will be producing and adding more and more videos to our website to demonstrate the product in action and highlight some of the ways in which it has been deployed.

Make sure you also follow us on Twitter @KBIUKLTD for pictures that will be regularly tweeted by our installation teams.

KBI UK at the Royal Horticultural Society Hyde Hall. Demonstrating how our Flexistone porous surface handles 250 litres of water when poured on to an area of just 8 square metres.

KBI UK at the Royal Horticultural Society Harlow Carr. Understanding why they chose KBI Flexi™-Pave.

Trans Pennine Trail Work Completed – Full Promo Video relating to our work on several stretches of this unique trail within the borough of Barnsley.

Fire Testing KBI Flexi-Pave

New Penistone Section of the Trans Pennine Trail officially opened by local councillor.

Extreme porosity test showing how easily water runs through our unique product.


This video was produced by SusDrain and highlights the issues regarding urban drainage. Please note that this video is not the property of KBI UK, and is used with the kind permission of SusDrain purely to illustrate the issues surrounding sustainable drainage. If you would like to find out more about SusDrain, click here.