Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions

About Us

KBI was founded in the USA over 15 years ago.  Its mission was to utilise high volumes of waste tyres through the design and engineering of innovative products and solutions that could be applied in commercial, residential, industrial and local authority scenarios.  Vast amounts of the worlds used car tyres are sent to landfill or used to fire incinerators for power-derived fuels.

KBI UK Ltd was formed in 2010 to provide, supply and install the products manufactured using the KBI Flexi-Process to the UK market. With many local authorities looking for greener ways to re-generate traditionally paved or urbanised surfaces, combined with commercial contractors looking to develop sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), the materials generated using the KBI Flexi-Process have become firmly established across a broad spectrum of construction sectors.

KBI UK Ltd works with a number of strategic partners across the UK, giving our customers access to our unique portfolio of products via a number of different channels.

Our head office is in Halifax, West Yorkshire, providing us with a central location that allows us to efficiently service the UK.

Meet the Team